Night She Fell


Night She Fell

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ISBN: 9781776950430
Title: Night She Fell

'When I last saw Ashleigh, she was lying in a pool of blood . . . Her eyes were open, staring sightlessly into the sky. I'd like to think she saw the stars before she died; that in her last moments she flew, soaring on serotonin, dreamy with dopamine. I'd like to think she didn't suffer . . .'

A beautiful young law student dies on the concrete below her third-storey window in chilly Dunedin.

It's clear enough how she died. What isn't is why - or who's involved.

Plenty of people had a reason to hate Ashleigh, with her straight As and perfect looks. She's fallen out with her flatmates, and her boyfriend Xander is having second thoughts about their future together. And then there are the weird messages.

The Night She Fell is a gripping psychological thriller from one of New Zealand's most multi-talented contemporary novelists.

'Pacy, clever and enthralling, The Night She Fell is a deliciously evil exploration of narcissism. A thriller that will keep you awake long into the night.' - Rose Carlyle, bestselling author of The Girl in the Mirror.

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